Full colour images and artwork prints are now possible with our Direct to garment process, offering up to 1200dpi (Min. 300dpi) print quality, high elasticity, stunning colours and longegivity of up to 60 washes, with no minimum quantity or set-up costs involved, this makes it one of the best options if you are looking for a faster turn around time in production for low or higher quantities.



  • File Format: PNG, JPG*, PDF (Vector), SVG, EPS.
  • Resolution: 300dpi - 1200dpi
  • Colour Format: RGB or CMYK

Additional formats may be required if neccessary.



We encourage that artworks contain a Transparent Background (No background), unless it is a full colour image.



Unfortunately we do not print using PANTONE colours, we therefore print a RGB/CMYK equivalent, we do not guarantee a 100% Colour match.



We offer a re-draw service should you require assistance with your artwork, pricing to be confirmed when placing your order or creation of a quote.


*JPG format images are only to be supplied if it is a full colour image such as a landscape or photograph, but it is best practice to try and avoid this format for artwork and design purposes, unless agreed upon with your sales consultant.


1. Placing a JPG or PNG into a PDF vector document unfortunately does not make it a vector artwork, the source format is preserved when being uploaded, should you wish to verify the authenticity of the artwork, please zoom in to your artwork at 600% as shown in the example below: 

2. Transparent backgrounds in artwork are identified either by a checkerboard pattern or a background that matches your photoviewer, this can only be found in PNG, PDF (If a vector format), SVG or EPS, unfortunately this is not found in JPG files, the below example demonstrates an artwork with a transparent background:

3. Having your artwork trimmed to the start/end, left/right of your design is beneficial as this will give you the accurate print sizing you need, should the artwork not be trimmed, you will have a misrepresentation of the print size, examples below:

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